Beauty and the Bittersweet with Miracle Laurie May

Honoring Your Worthiness - S2E5

February 13, 2023 Miracle Laurie May Season 2 Episode 5
Beauty and the Bittersweet with Miracle Laurie May
Honoring Your Worthiness - S2E5
Show Notes

aka "Just take the damn gift, and say thank you!"  LOL  Honestly, this is one of my favorites so far!  xoxo AND I use the word 'malarkey" in this one, so... you're welcome!  ;)  Enjoy!



A couple excerpts for you from today's episode:



"Whatever it is you want more of, we gotta make space for it.  And we have to make space, because like we've been talking about so far this year, it is our job to show up in our fullness, as our whole selves.



Perfectly imperfect, infinitely divine, whole and complete exactly as we are, even as we still journey, and as we still learn and as we still grow. 



We're perfect in every phase, every stage, every incarnation, every version of ourselves we're exactly where we need to be and who we need to be, to meet ourselves in this moment...



...If the universe gave us a bunch of gifts, why would we turn our nose up at that? They're already here, by the way, also!  Like... they're already, we already have them.



You're already doing it. So just like… do it. Just enjoy being all of you. Enjoy the gifts you were given. Enjoy the gifts that are coming to you.



Enjoy the gifts that you give, and just really use all of those pieces to plug in and be your full, vibrant self, multi-layered, complicated, gorgeous, fabulous, fascinating self, that is here on purpose."



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