Beauty and the Bittersweet with Miracle Laurie May

Ep 26: "The Gift in Letting Go"

September 30, 2022 Miracle Laurie May Season 1 Episode 26
Beauty and the Bittersweet with Miracle Laurie May
Ep 26: "The Gift in Letting Go"
Show Notes

First of all - I come in kinda hot on this one, so apologies in advance, and don't let it scare you!  LOL  This is a FANTASTIC episode, y'all - so tuck in!  xoxo



In this episode we explore the following ideas:



*why comparison sucks and judgment is lame
*a silly "reality check" moment I had in Zumba Class 12 years ago
*how to reparent ourselves and hold space for our own pain
*we discuss, yet again (#sorrynotsorry LOL) why GRATITUDE is the antidote to suffering
*and the gift we give ourselves when we learn how to let go 
I kind of nonchalantly discuss some REALLY important things in this episode, and it might be one of the most important mindful tips I could ever give you, so I hope you enjoy the show!
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It's an HONOR to create this show for you, and I couldn't do it without the amazing Karl T. Wright and his gifts and guidance, and shoutout as always - to Bobbo Byrnes for the theme song, Effin' Groovy - available all places you find music, and Chris Collins for our groovy meditation tunes.
Blessings, ease and abundance to you all. 
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Continued gratitude to Karl T. Wright, our producer.
Bobbo Byrnes for the theme song.
And Chris Collins for the meditation music.

It's a good day for a good day, and I wish you a beautiful one.